Science Fiction Best Free Kindle eBook List, good scifi today including The Martian Conspiracy SciFi Thriller

  1. *** Reviewer says this Dark Fantasy is ‘on the same level as Lord of the Rings’
  2. *Daygo’s Fury: Heroic Fantasy (The Daygo Stream Book 1) by John F. O’ Sullivan. Price: Free. Genre: Dark Fantasy of the Day, Sponsor, Horror, Uncompromising. Rated: 4.7 stars on 6 Reviews. 246 pages. ASIN: B015ENT0P8. Reviewers love it: Excellent book, amazing story! This book is on the same level as Lord of the Rings! From start to finish, Daygo’s Fury enthralled me! I am eagerly awaiting for the second novel! A potential modern classic!
  3. *** Science Fiction
  4. *The Martian Conspiracy by John Read, Steven J Catizone, John Harten. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction Thriller of the Day, Suspense Thriller, Space Exploration, Hard Science Fiction. Rated: 4.8 stars on 9 Reviews. 282 pages. ASIN: B012NZ2GBU.
  5. **No Middle Ground (Spineward Sectors: Middleton’s Pride Book 1) by Caleb Wachter, Luke Sky Wachter. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Galactic Empire, Genetic Engineering, Space Marine, Space Opera. Rated: 4.5 stars on 64 Reviews. 405 pages. ASIN: B00KAP9B7S.
  6. *Parno’s Company (The Black Sheep of Soulan Book 1) by N.C. Reed. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Action & Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic. Rated: 4.8 stars on 50 Reviews. 578 pages. ASIN: B0121E9IJG.
  7. *Red Tide: The Chinese Invasion of Seattle (Occupied Seattle Book 1) by Chris Kennedy. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Alien Invasion, Military. Rated: 4.6 stars on 14 Reviews. 290 pages. ASIN: B0160RR8BU.
  8. *Born Lucid: Book 1 of the Born Lucid Series by Christopher C. Evans. Price: Free. Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic. Rated: 5 stars on 8 Reviews. 381 pages. ASIN: B016N4YOYY.
  9. The Bloodless by Andrew Gibson. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure. Rated: 4.7 stars on 7 Reviews. 230 pages. ASIN: B014VDN1PC.
  10. Auctumnalis (The Space Between Worlds Book 1) by Parandus Gold. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian. Rated: 4.6 stars on 5 Reviews. 326 pages. ASIN: B0127RPQU2.
  11. The Kognition Cycle: First Fragment + Second Stage by Brandon Chinn. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Paranormal & Urban, Adventure. Rated: 4.5 stars on 4 Reviews. 380 pages. ASIN: B00YTWO2UO.
  12. Emily Reynolds Saga: Survival (Book 1) (Repeat) by Wilford Tibbetts. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Action & Adventure. Rated: 4.3 stars on 21 Reviews. 291 pages. ASIN: B00AFRXNZC.

Science Fiction from Other Genres –

  1. **Rook (Allie’s War Book 1) by JC Andrijeski. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction Romance of the Day, Sponsor, USA Today Bestselling Author, Paranormal & Urban Romance, Cyberpunk, Inspirational, Post-Apocalyptic. Rated: 4.2 stars on 84 Reviews. 436 pages. ASIN: B004TXR6FG. Reviewers love it: Best Read of 2011! A highly recommended read! Great storytelling! Great world building! Nicely put together! Very good story with many wild angles built in and they’re very well built in! Beautiful Journey!
  2. **Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key (Ancient Guardian Series, Book 1) (Volume 1) (Ancient Guardians Supernatural Romance Series) by SL Morgan, Amanda Baker. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction Romance of the Day, Sponsor, Superhero, Historical, Paranormal & Fantasy, Aliens. Rated: 4.2 stars on 604 Reviews. 447 pages. ASIN: B00ARK6SUO. Reviewers love it: Vivid, mysterious, beautiful, clever, thrilling and altogether majestic! What a wonderful escape! The characters are brilliant! Great storyline! Lovely romance, enjoyed it so much! A great clean read! Winner of multiple awards and an Amazon Store bestseller.
  3. What Has Two Heads, Ten Eyes, and Terrifying Table Manners?: An Anthology of Science Fiction Horror by James Austin McCormick, Catherine Edmunds, Thomas Kleaton, Grifant. KC, Frank Collia, Lisamarie Lamb, Evan Purcell, Steve Billings, Daniel Hale, Paul Starkey, Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi, Ben Pienaar, Vince Liberato, Ashley Norris Hurd, Sawney Hatton. Price: Free. Genre: Horror, Anthologies & Short Stories, Post-Apocalyptic. Rated: 4.4 stars on 5 Reviews. 282 pages. ASIN: B00KLOX8JA.

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